Santa Paula HS veteran interview project – Iraq and Afghan vets on May 19th in Santa Paula, CA



As part of the Health & Human Services academy at Santa Paula High School, my World History sophomores create yearly exhibit that is displayed in the Santa Paula Oil Museum. This years topic is the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001. Each student has a different topic relating to these conflicts (history of it, the soldiers themselves, women serving, etc…) they will be researching and an aspect of the project requires that they interview a veteran of these wars as it relates to their personal topic. The interview itself would be fairly brief, perhaps 10-20 minutes depending on how in depth the individual would want to go into regarding the questions. The students would also need pictures of the interviewee if possible to post as part of their exhibit.

The exhibit is set to open May 19th, so we have another 2 months, but I would like my students to have completed the interviews by mid-April, so they have time to write it up, and complete their project. 

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Matthew Buck
Social Science Teacher/ Link Crew Coordinator
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Santa Paula High School
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