Vicissitudes Of Life under stands that the transition between military life and civilian life can be challenging.

As an aide to veterans in the progression through out this change we provide professional development and utilize our network of resources in the community to help find jobs suited to utilize your skill set.


Real-time insight into business processes and how your business can function more efficiently.

The Vicissitudes Of Life team  gathers all available information about the way your business functions so that we can complete a comprehensive evaluation and make suggestions that will help your business function in a more efficient way. Every position, employee, and process is optimized, through training, policy revisions, and contingency plans. This way, your business can quickly respond to changing circumstances and effectively cooperate with partners.


There are four main types of business formations, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are easy and inexpensive to form while others provide you limited liability protection that protects your personal assets from creditor claims and lawsuits stemming from your business operations. Some business owners start off using one type of business formation and then change to a different form as their businesses grow.

Here at Vicissitudes Of Life we can aid you with developing your organization whether your trying to start a new business or reorganize into a different format. Contact us today to talk with one of our team members and get started today!


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