October 26, 2016

Saturday October 29th there will be a Welcome Home for a Marine coming back from deployment to Iraq

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This will be a surprise for him, which is a challenge for us to get word out, to say the least.
There will be a Motorcycle escort from JFK to PATCHOGUE, we will also have a stage at Oakdale (for any local riders that can’t make whole trip and 1st responder vehicles) when we’re returning from airport along with a welcome committee on his block. 0926 hrs. is flight landing at JFK.
Staging: will be as follows – all times are subject to change by a lil. meet us where you can. 
Date: Saturday morning October 29th, 2016
0730 hrs. – leaving Ronkonkoma (the VAC) 2184 Pond Road, Ronkonkoma as we will be escorting his family’s vehicle to the airport
0750 hrs. – Peter pan diner (Bayshore) will only be a ride by on the service road to pick up any riders.
0900 hrs.:  Stage at Burger King (outside of JFK on rockaway Blvd.)
0915 hrs.:  JFK Terminal 8 / American Airlines
1030-1045 hrs.: Oakdale (Harley Davidson dealer on east bound service road): Please be ready to roll, we’ll contact you somehow to give you 5-minute notice
1045-1100 hrs.: Patchogue: The Marine will have family & friends gather over the N Ocean Ave overpass on Sunrise Hwy.
1045-1100 hrs.: Patchogue: anyone wishing to be on the welcoming committee near the Marines home, please assemble on the corners of Washington Ave and Phyliss Drive in Patchogue. We are hoping to have a contact here directing people how to line the street.
(it is hard to pinpoint times, as you never know how quick the plane de-boards or know what the traffic will be on the belt)
We can be in contact via texting (or if we have a cage with us) with warnings of when we be making the Oakdale and Patchogue locations.
Bring signs, Bring flags, Bring out your Patriotism as the Long Island Community always does
Thank the Marine for his service and wish him luck as he is running the Suffolk County marathon this weekend.
Please if you know who this Welcome Home is for please don’t ruin the surprise, I’ve blocked him from my personal page to not see posts and the event that we created & sharing. Please invite all you know.
For updates: please check out the Facebook event page:
Please contact me if you can be a point person at any location.
Also, please contact me if you would like to add a ride by stage along the route in to jump in the escort (we will be using Sunrise Hwy to the merge, then SSP, to the Belt and reversed along way home)
On behalf of his Family, Thank You
Frank Bania
BOTGNY – Founder.

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