December 31, 2016

Featured Job Seeker – Orlando Herrera




Last month at the ITKAN after-hours event I spoke to a member of the Marriott Foundation’s Bridges to Work. This is one of the best organizations in the country that helps students with disabilities make the transition from high school to the working world. Orlando Herrera was a great candidate to meet and learn more about. I asked him some questions about Bridges to Work, A+ certification and telling us about his passion for information technology.

1. How long have you had a passion for IT? What started that passion?

I have passion for IT many years ago, back when I was young. Many people that I communicate/network with always considered me as “Tech-savvy” due to me talking a lot about computers and other tech that are developed today. I started to have the passion of IT because of my older brother went to school for CIS (Computer Information System). After I saw his school assignments and notes, it brought to my attention about IT. I am currently a student at Richard J. Daley College that is majoring Computer Science.


2. What do you think the future is in store for IT?

The future of IT will be amazing and useful for everybody. After the latest ITKAN meeting, I saw a video about a research project for students to analyze data. A researcher was at the bottom of the ocean collecting data about kelp. Later on she sends all her collected data to other researching groups and can work simultaneously at different locations. The future will be a lot different, in a positive way, because technology is advancing day by day.


3. What has been your experiences with Bridges To Work? How about ITKAN?

I started to go to Bridges in August 2015 where I met all Bridges Employees and participants. Without Bridges, without Mrs. Kelly Pavich, and without Mrs. Shebtufi Kushma, I would not have this opportunity to have a job at Mariano’s fresh market, which I am a current employee for a year now, and a opportunity to go to ITKAN and jobshadowing Microsoft’s Director of Technology and Civic Innovation, Adam Hecktman. ITKAN is the best organization and I enjoy going every month. Hearing everybody’s ideas that would help those with disabilities and hearing out our opinions about the idea. I am very happy that I get to have a job and have time to go to ITKAN where I can meet wonderful people discussing ideas especially that can assist people with disabilities because tech at this moment is advancing daily and it really helps for others.


4. Do you think that building a computer is something that anyone can do?

Anyone can build a computer. At first it will be a tiny bit confusing at terms of connections from the front panel connections and PCI ports to the motherboard. As well as choosing which part will suite best for epidemic performances without any bottlenecking. For example, My PC, who I named Hades, can run at Ultra settings because I chose to purchased an Intel i5-6500 processor; as well as, a Radeon RX 480 GPU all powered by EVGA’s 750w 80+Gold power supply.


5. What are your 3 favorite websites and why? – There has been many videos about anything that you are interested to watch; such as, tutorials on building a PC and programming/coding. – Teaches lessons about programming. – A website that sells PC hardware components for a reasonable price.

Thanks so much for your time Orlando!

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