April 26, 2017

Featured Job Seeker – Andrew Golub

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Our featured job seeker is Andrew Golub, a sales and business development professional at FedEx’s Office division. In our interview, will be talking about his career arc, how he can keep up with today’s competitive sales market, and what the future will bring him.

1) Where and when did You start to develop an interest in working for FedEx in your current role?

I was always intrigued by FedEx Office particularly when I would visit the local FedEx Office facility over the years for my own professional business document production needs, as well as my business shipping requirements. When my division at James Hardie Building Products was downsized, and my position eventually eliminated, working with FedEx Office seemed to be a relevant next step in my career progression. 

2) How were you able to keep up with making your business development and marketing skills relevant and impactful?

I’ve been able to maintain the relevance of my business development and marketing skills by asking questions of my customers, of my co-workers, and of other people I encounter.  Different perspectives on handling situations has accentuated my problem solving abilities.

3) How did you: a) develop your skills in business development and marketing, b) what was your best performance, and c) what was your most challenging situation?

a) I developed my skills in business development and marketing over time through developing a maturity and an understanding that there are varied motivations and needs for making decisions.  First I have to ask questions of my perspective customers to learn about their businesses. My product/service then has to be positioned to help solve one of these needs.

b) In each position in my vocational progression, there have been challenging situations which were handled where my company benefited from the outcome. If I had to choose one that stood out the most, it was at the Fantasia Fresh Juice Company. We were a start-up company in the mid-west and I was in charge of business development in Chicagoland.  We started at $ 0.00 in sales, and in less than four years, our annual sales in Chicagoland were at $ 12 million, with an established Direct Store Distribution network throughout the mid-west. Our company was bought by an investment company, rebranded, and sold to PepsiCo. PepsiCo now markets our product nationally under the Naked Juice brand.

4) Where do you see your career 5-10 years from now?

In 5 – 10 years from now, I see myself continuing to make a substantial contribution to the expansion of a company’s market share, and continuing to mentor other individuals in that organization.

5) How has AbilityLinks helped in my job search?

AbilityLinks has provided an opportunity to position myself as an exceptional potential employee, who may or may not need a minor accommodation to perform optimally. This accommodation is to provide feedback to me regarding, a) What am I doing right?  b) What am I doing wrong? c) Suggestions for improvement.

6) Any final thoughts?

It is remarkable that an organization such as AbilityLinks exists, partnering with individuals with disabilities to make an impact in forwarding their careers, and forwarding commerce in general.


To find out more about Andy Golub, contact Bill O’Connor at 630-909-7444 and email .

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