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  • Vicissitudes for the Career Seeker

Vicissitudes is a change of life circumstances. We provide opportunities for individuals to improve their quality of life and to deliver a view of the world from a different prospective. In Today’s workforce, it is one thing to land the job, but it takes a whole other set of skills to retain the job. VOL will help enrich individuals and supply them with the skills to gain suitable employment and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Vicissitudes for the Employer

Vicissitudes for the employer is providing a different perspective towards Veteran Candidates. States which are without an active duty military presence lack a clear understanding of the Veteran culture. Understanding typically is derived from movie stereotypes or news which may involve a negative connotation. Vicissitudes will supply employers with the knowledge needed to select a Veteran that will be an asset to their company. Additionally, Vicissitudes will provide detailed information concerning the benefits companies receive when hiring Veterans.

VOL is based upon a proven concept of partnership. VOL partners with various companies and training institutes to influence positive outcomes in training and employment. Building upon our “Partnership Model”, our clients have achieved the goals set forth by our partnership. Our three main goals consist of

  • Individuals achieve their training and employment goals
  • Provide resources and knowledge that help our clients achieve their goals
  • Navigate the complex systems and processes 21st century workforce

Our expectation is for the individuals to focus on learning and achieving. Candidates that are motivated and who are dare to change. Individuals that possess the valuable traits of heart, courage, and desire will benefit greatly from the assistance we provide.

Through our campaigns and partnerships we focus on acquiring only the best customers for our business partners. Avoid spending time and money on job fairs which result in acquiring low value customers that have a low retention rate. Our proven strategies will show you how to control the cost and improve the business bottom line without spending any more on content development.


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