June 30, 2017

Careers NATO Member Countries

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Careers NATO Member Countries

Comprehensive Health Services is bidding on a contract to build a facility and provide emergency and surgical medical care and support for a multinational population of military and civilian personnel (about 4,000 population) as part of a peacekeeping effort by NATO.  Our facility will be located in the Prishtina area (Camp Film City- about 15 minutes away).

Careers NATO Member Countries, Contract award date is expected late August or early September.  Construction of the hospital and staff housing is schedule for late September to be finalized by early December.  Staff will start to arrive in mid-December. There will be a schedule that is being developed for the stand up and we will be fully functional by January 1. The German military is there now on this effort and will be leaving so this is likely a firm schedule. This will be a 12 month renewable assignment.
All  staff will will be housed on site in Container Housing Units (Executive CHUs) in a CHS “village”.   These newly built units will feature a private furnished room with shared bath. These will be single room assignments. Internet and television will be available in each CHU. Wifi will be available at the hospital. Meals will be provided while on site (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
Security is provided; however, employees will not be confined to the compound and can go into Pristina during days off.  Options for transportation are still being developed.
Staff will rotate at 90/30 or 120/30 depending on the position. CHS is open to alternate arrangements for short term assignments (min 60 days). Initial deployment travel and End of Contract travel will be covered by CHS.   Employees will receive a travel allowance to cover their personal air/train to return to their home of record while on leave (around $ 500 USD).  Employees wishing to take leave somewhere else other than their home of record will receive up to, but not exceed the allowance. This is not a family accompanies assignment.
Benefits include malpractice insurance with a tail health/dental/vision insurance as well as life insurance.

We have the following openings for Careers NATO Member Countries, please apply online at this links below
Ambulance Driver – Kosovo (7360-120)
Anesthesiologist – Kosovo (7395-120)
BioMedical Equipment Technician – Kosovo (7825-120)
Emergency Room Nurse – Kosovo (6937-120)
EMT Paramedic FN – Kosovo (7801-120)
General Surgeon – Kosovo (7547-120)
ICU HDU Nurse – Kosovo (6941-120)
Med/Surg Nurse – Kosovo (6945-120)
Medical Laboratory Technologist – Kosovo (7506-120)
Operating Room Nurse – Kosovo (7318-120)
Operating Room Scrub Technician – Kosovo (7335-120)
Orthopedic Surgeon – Kosovo (7413-120)
Pharmacy Technician – Kosovo (7375-120)
Physician – Emergency – Kosovo (7585-120)
Radiographer – Kosovo (7450-120)

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Careers NATO Member Countries

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